Things to Know About Microdosing on CBD

Microdosing on CBD
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You might have noticed that most products available in the CBD market recommend using a dropper full of product once in a day. Though this dose is an ideal starting point for most, it is important to note that there is no point taking more than what your body requires. While it is not harmful to overdose on cannabidiol, it can increase the tolerance in your body and the cost. The best way to benefit from the effects of CBD is to find the smallest dose that works for your body to deliver desired results. This amount can be determined using microdosing on CBD.

What is Microdosing On CBD?

Originated from the THC-containing species of marijuana, microdosing intends to avoid excessive involvement with the product. The principle remains the same with CBD. It starts with a very small dose of cannabidiol and the serving is increased gradually until you determine the minimum effective dose. In the end, you get the optimal amount of the compound to suit your needs.

Finding the Right CBD Dosage

Each individual responds uniquely to cannabidiol. The online CBD market hosts a wide variety of products for different delivery methods. According to CBD guide,the product you choose, the way your body reacts and the condition you are willing to treat, all affect your ideal dosage. To determine the optimal cannabidiol dosage, start with a drop of tincture. Wait for 30-40 minutes to see if you feel anything and then take two drops. You can take three drops after 2 hours and increase this dose while assessing your response. Remember to note how you feel, how much you are taking and the time between doses. Consider the following tips before beginning this process.

Use Small Doses

Your results during microdosing can greatly depend on the type of cannabidiol you use. If you are used to smoking but decide to use tinctures for microdosing, it is important that you pay attention to the concentration of the compound in the two products. The market offers a wide variety of products in different concentrations to choose from. Most online sellers provide serving sizes on the product labels to help you decide how much you should consume.

Be Aware of Concentration

It is only you who can decide the optimal CBD dosage for your requirements. You should assess your response and effects to determine when you feel satisfactory results. Stop when you achieve desired effects and wait for few hours before taking the same dose. You should avoid rushing the process. If you are not sure, you can repeat the dose the next day to see how you feel.

Try Different Products

BWell recommends trying a variety of CBD products to proceed on determining the optimal dosage. While tinctures are best recommended for identifying the right serving sizes, they may not suit everybody. A large number of online sellers offer alternative products that help you ingest cannabidiol conveniently. You can choose vape pens for a more efficient and convenient administration. It takes only a few minutes to start feeling the effects of vaping. However, you should try sticking to the microdosing technique as you would do with a tincture. You can read more to know about microdosing benefits online Canada.